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Igniting Energy. Inspiring Change.

Over 90% of Ugandan households and schools rely on firewood and charcoal as their main source of energy for cooking. These methods are:


  • Expensive and time-consuming

  • Unhealthy for people and the environment

  • Unsafe for children (often girls) who are not in school and at risk of assault

  • Unsustainable for the future

Uganda is running out of trees and risking the health of women and children just to cook a daily meal.

We are on a mission to change this.

Operating from our BioFarm in Central Uganda, we are partnering with schools, local farmers, and businesses to distribute biodigesters across East Africa. 


Biodigesters are:


  • Affordable and time-saving

  • Healthy for people and the environment

  • A way to keep children (especially girls) safe and in school

  • Sustainable for the future


One cow can produce enough waste to power a biodigester for a family of 7 to boil clean water and cook three meals each day!

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East Africa Energy Solutions is the proud recipient of the 2021 Guide Star Bronze Seal of Transparency

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