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Look at the East Africa Energy Solutions biodigester in action! Cassava cooked on traditional firewood stoves take around 20 minutes to prepare. However, on the biodigester, it only takes 12 minutes. Clean energy is not only beneficial to the environment, but also saves people time. 

A local church in Beaverton has partnered with East Africa Energy Solutions by donating funds to build a solar powered well and biodigesters. This well will provide clean water for the community and the biodigesters will provide clean cooking gas to cook three meals a day for over 700 students to the High School Jeje went to in Uganda.

Watch this momentous first step in the project as we find water on the school's land! This will be the site of the solar powered well. 



Upwardly Dependent



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The Last Black Woman in Portland

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New Wine Tastings

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